Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Make Sushi

Mad Em's Sushi
Shopping List

bamboo sushi rolling mat
bamboo rice mixing spoon "shamoji"
wooden bowl
rice cooker
sushi rice
roasted seaweed "nori" for rolls
pickled ginger "gari"
horseradish powder "wasabi"
roasted sesame seeds
Chopped Scallop or Baby Scallop
Japanese Chili Oil
Sriracha Sauce
Negi (Green Scallions)
fresh maguro (raw tuna)
Japanese cucumber
cream cheese

I already had some, but you must have rice vinegar and sake to make Su... add to rice to make the perfect sushi rice. I will take pictures! I may never leave my kitchen. I am a sushi whore. Oh, and this picture is what inspired me to make some sushi... an amazing Wooden Sushi Set by Melissa & Doug. The wooden toy company has always fascinated me because Melissa & Doug are my biological parent's names, but they separated when I was a baby so it is really weird... as a child I thought they secretly got together and made toys. hmm. ANYWAY... I should get this set for Jack. He needs to play sushi.

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