Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Quick Trip Home

I swapped with my mama, her kid for mine. My darling sister, Liz, was here for a whole week. I took this in her Senior year. She's a brain and attending ASU (go Rams).

Elizabeth Senior Jump 70's Edit

So, we had a ball and so did Maggie, many stories for other times, but then we swapped back. I drive Liz & Jack the long 500 miles to mom's. When we got there Jack got a present from his Grammar & sister- a personalized sippy cup! He knew exactly how to use it, brilliant baby.

Jack and his Jack Cup at Grammar's Aug 09

Mom decided to pull out the sewing machine. I am so proud of her.
She made a pillowcase. I can't wait to see what she will come up with next! (ducking)

Mamma Fort Stockton 09

Jack sure loves his Pop-Pop!
He is not too comfortable with grass though- very alien to him.
Good thing we don't have any :)

Jack and Pop-Pop Aug 09

All that outside business called for a bath from Grammar in the sink.

Grammar bathing Jack Aug 09

Tired from his bathy- he fell asleep on sissy.

Jack Asleep with Maggie Aug 09

I took a few shots on the way home with the babies. This is in Pecos, TX.


This is in Pecos too, I can't pass up a broken-down house, especially with a clothesline.

Pecos 09

I was raised to take pictures of trains, it's the right thing to do.

Belen two trains 09

Sore soon, and some great giveaways coming up too. A new one from UPrinting! Stay tuned!


    -liz (go rams)

  2. Wonderful all around. I'm proud!