Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maggie's Big News

Have you met my daughter, Maggie? Let me tell you about her. She is beautiful, talented and smart. She tends to think like a republican and she is an excellent big sister. She is also rowdy, independent and headstrong. Maggie is 11 years old. Get to know her because my little tween is going to be a MOVIE STAR!! Scoot over Miley.

Tire Swing 2

Alright, I'm jumping ahead of myself. Let me tell you what went down. I was visiting just curious what they were currently filming in Albuquerque. On the locals page I see that there is a casting call for a "smart and determined ten year old girl". Oh, yes. I know one of those.

Tire Swing 1

It was for the independent feature film Adios, New Mexico. I sent in a few pictures of the Magpie and I was emailed right back with a sample script! I had sent in this picture of Maggie driving my car.

Maggie Driving

Eerily, in the script, the scene opens up with the girl, Nickie, driving a truck into a gas station. So exciting! Her audition is on Saturday. It's just on location test footage, but I think she has a good chance of becoming an actress... for at least a day. She is already a star at home, it's about time she graced the silver screen!

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