Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mad Madam Em Introduces the New World of Bugs Kit Laser Pegs!!

Hello! Mad Madam Em is back! I have a really neat product to show you. We played with this set for hours! I am going to post the info for these LED bug building set, so you can really find out what they are all about.

"Children have been using blocks, logs and sticks to construct cities and anything else their imagination can produce for hundreds of years. Now, Laser Pegs® - The Ultimate Toy for KidsTM is bringing a new dimension of creative play to construction toy sets with their patented light-up Laser Peg kits. Laser Pegs™ is the first construction toy set in the world in which each piece feeds the next piece low voltage current, allowing children to build creations that illuminate in a brightly colored, LED light display.

Laser Pegs® shapes include square, wheel shaped, t-shaped, straight, 45 degree and 90 degree pegs that easily slide together to create a variety of model designs or your own unique creation. Laser Pegs® 3 in 1 Kit comes with 72 pieces, one power unit, an instruction booklet and a plastic tray to store your Laser Pegs® in along with model designs you can follow to build the Mini Monster Bug, the Tractor, and the Dune Buggy. Additional model designs for creations like the “Robo Stevo,” “Wicked King Cobra,” and the “Baja Jumper” can also be downloaded from the Laser Pegs® website.

Age rated for children 7 and older, Laser Pegs® are simple to use and capable of inspiring hours of creative play. Once one Laser Peg™ is connected to the power source, it then illuminates any other peg connected with it so children can build their creations and watch each peg light up as it is attached or complete their design and connect it to the power source for a magical finale. Laser Pegs® can be powered by inserting three AA batteries into the power source or with the separately available AC wall adapter.

The new World of Bugs Kit comes with 84 Laser Pegs including four new Laser Peg shapes. You can build 18 models all around the bug theme or any other shapes and critters you can dream up.

“I come from a generation that played with LiteBrite and Legos,” Laser Pegs® inventor Jon Capriola said. “Laser Pegs combines these two great toys into one spectacular toy and allows the entire family to create together.”
The Laser Pegs® World of Bugs Kit retails for $59.95. Laser Pegs also offers a 90-day from date of purchase replacement guarantee for all of its products. This guarantee covers all parts of an entire kit or single Laser Peg pieces. For more information on other available Laser Pegs® kits and to find a retailer near you please visit

About Laser Pegs Ventures, LLC
In 2006, Jon Capriola’s goal was to make a clear enclosure around a super bright LED that would feed other shapes low voltage current continuously when they were connected to each other. After many years and much trial and error, his goal has been met with the creation of Laser Pegs® - The Ultimate Toy for KidsTM. Laser Pegs Ventures, LLC, patents, manufactures, and distributes innovative construction toys in the U.S. and three countries across the globe."
For more information please visit 


Here is one of our constructions, I need to photograph them in the dark, but you get the idea. So fun! Thanks for checking this out and I will talk to you all soon! Muah! ~Em


  1. Those are really neat, my boys would love them!

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