Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hidey Ho, Summer!

Ahh... summertime is upon us, amigos! This summer I want to have a ball with Baby Jack, take Maggie some cool places, love that man of mine, paint some frames, craft some crafts, blog some blogs, cook some... food. I want to go to 15 yard sales and Goodwill... weekly. I want to edit all of my pictures like it's 1974. Okie Dokie, begin.

Rey and I took Baby Jack to see his sister at school on her second-to-last day until summer vacation. These are her friends. Note the kid on the left.

This is Maggie's 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Bate. We love her.

Mad Madam Momma and her little Mansey Wansy (yes I said that).

Daddy Man

I think this might be the first picture ever taken of me and both kids?

He loves this baby


Now that it's summertime we might see more of this... (please excuse Maggie's mess, she doesn't mind at all).

You can assume they were transfixed with some Pixar flick. Look at me and smile... geesh.

Oh, you're busy. I guess it's ok, it's summer.



  2. that was from me, your sister, elizabeth.

  3. What wonderful CHILDREN! Cannot wait to hear more from this charming BLOG! (Melissa)