Friday, May 22, 2009

Jack Stone, Five Months Old!

Oh, what a wonderful day! I had a shoot with a city council member this morning, fancy. Rey made me the best mug of coffee and on my way out the door I see this little package. I wasn't expecting anything so I took it in a looked at Rey funny. He smiled... so I ripped it open.

Are you Kidding ME?? Oh, honey. A new (to me) Rebel? I wanna have your babies. (Rey, not the camera. Although...)

After my shoot I rushed home, uploaded and edited my shoot and as I was burning the disc, the power went out as a storm rolled into town and I knew exactly what to do with my down time.

Shoot Jack's 5 month pictures! With my new camera!! Woot!

Here is what it would look like if Jack was in a dreamland
in 1974 and drank milkshakes. Note adorable drool.

This boy never runs out of expressions.

What a funny little man.

Don't be scared, it's just your sister making a squawking noise.

Align Right

Man, you are a cute 5 month old.


  1. that last one is amazing.
    his eyes are just gorgeous!!

  2. What a bright-eyed happy baby! And your photgraphy is just amazing. Melissa

  3. again I want to squeeze him and my hubs needs to learn a thing or two from Rey-what an awesome surprise!

  4. Little man Jack in his anchor sailor get up. I love him so much. He's adorable. I miss you guys too much!

  5. Thanks guys, I think he's pretty cute too...