Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Johnny Cash

Hello, darlin'!
I wanted to post a little preamble to my upcoming blog review (and giveaway!!)
of the awesome designs at the Trendy Tadpole.

I love Johnny Cash. His music brings back memories of back porch swingin' BBQ's and quiet radio's playin' in the garage. His story is legendary, his songs timeless.

I'm going to bare my soul again and post another poem.
This one was written shortly after Johnny Cash's death in 2003.
I was angry that John Ritter's death overshadowed Cash in the press, frustrated with politics and upcoming election and I set it to a Devil Went Down to Georgia theme.


  1. Nice. I like this!

  2. Your blog is awesome. I love your poems.

  3. I love it! So good!

  4. Very nice, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!

  5. Wow, this made me listen to all of my Johnny Cash albums all over again. Thank you.