Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Toy Garden

When I was pregnant with Jack, I started reading Mothering Magazine. I love them. I've read some really interesting articles on articles on breastfeeding, cosleeping and natural living. They also have fantastic sponsors. In the back pages of Mothering, I found A Toy Garden.

I went to their website and fell in love with their wooden toys,
felted items
, and play sets. Seriously, how much do you love these
Witch and Wizard Dolls from Brazil? I covet those little guys!
I have spent hours on the site pouring through all of the
beautiful handcrafted, natural and character building toys.

The fabulous Sonya Bingaman, the Toy Gardener herself, has generously donated some toys for Jack to review. Yeah, Jack reviews toys... he's cool like that.

This is A Toy Garden's Figure Eight Rainbow Rattle. Here is what A Toy Garden says about this rattle:

"This is a beautiful rattle with a bell that gently rings as your baby plays.
The rainbow colored wood beads are strung on a sturdy elastic string
making this twisty and interesting to play with.
Only non-toxic wood stains are used. It's made in Germany. "

Jack loves it!
He can get his little fingers around it, it's colorful, interesting and sturdy. Apparently, it tastes amazing.

Also, we have play silks!!
This is what A Toy Garden has to say about their gorgeous floaty silks:

"These soft and luxurious, gently blended rainbow silks are fun for children and adults. Hang over a baby or child's bed as a canopy, use to cover play stands, for dancing, playing, pretend play, as a blanket, as a tablecloth, cape, skirt, or just hang on the wall. The mini 12 inch rainbow is precious for wrapping small dolls and toys. The 21 and 36 inch sizes are great for dress up. The two largest sizes are great for canopies, big peak-a-boo, decorating a play area, creating an arch to climb under
"London Bridges Falling Down" etc., or for creating a magical walkway over the rainbow bridge for a birthday celebration. All are extra-thick 8mm, China Habotai Silk. Hand-dyed in the USA.

They are amazing. We played with them forever when they arrived. I was running around behind Maggie trying to keep them clean, just until I got some images! Man, this adorable baby loves these silks too.

I love products that inspire creative play & toys that are non-toxic, organic, natural, simple and tough. A Toy Garden is blooming with these toys! They have a huge selection and unique products that I have never seen anywhere else.

I would like to thank Sonya and A Toy Garden for the
opportunity to review their marvelous products!


  1. Oh my goodness! He is adorable! A Toy garden has some great stuff too, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a cutie and cool toys at that store!