Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm back with a Postcard Giveaway!

Wow, it's been too long. My big boy, Jack, is 15 months already! Here he is!


His big sister, Maggie, is getting big too!

Maggie and Jack Fridge

I have a few videos of the kids up on YouTube... here is one of my favorites.

Ok, back to the business at hand. A giveaway brought to you by!
Here is what you could win just by leaving a comment below!

100 4x6” Postcards on a 14 pt gloss cardstock
Full Color Both Sides
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only.

Go to to check out their awesome products.

Contest ends on midnight, April 27th, 2010.
Must be 18 years old to enter.


  1. Oh, yay! Enter me!

  2. i'd love these postcards. We are having a party this summer and I would print these up as invites

  3. Your kids are freaking cute! Thats because they have an awesome mom and dad! Oh and I love Jacks chucks! The letter magnets are a bit creepy but thats because of that Steven King book you gave me for my birthday one year. "Bag of Bones" was it? I think it was!!

  4. Emily, your artistic creativity is an inspiration.

  5. If I had postcards to make I would put Jack all over them. =)

  6. the video had me giggling like him! :-D your photos are fantastic!

  7. Me! Me! Me!

  8. What a wonderful giveaway! enter ME! And those kids.....sooooo cute!!1

  9. Awww...Mr. Jack Stone is getting so big. I love his cute little smile...and Miss Maggie, she's so pretty.
    Please enter me in the give away, I think I would use these postcards with some of my stuff from the cannery and sell my goodies.
    Oh yeah and I added this to facebook, twitter and stumble baby. Hoping I win win win it big!

  10. Welcome back! Only 15 months? Wow! Time sure is flying by! Both kids are adorable! :)

  11. I want to win!!! I could print them up to decorate my new apartment :)

    your kids are adorable as well!

    your fab sis