Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fräulein 3°8 25 Piece Professional Brush Set

Price : $ 25.99
Shipping Cost : $ 2.00

This 25 piece professional brush set includes:
Large angled contour brush,
Large powder brush,
Powder brush,
Blush brush,
Foundation brush,
Face brush,
Fantal brush,
Large fantal brush,
Large shader brush,
Shader brush,
Eye shader brush,
Small shader brush,
Mini shader brush,
Medium angled shading brush,
Small angle brush,
Square face brush,
Concealer brush,
Lip brush,
Lip liner brush,
Eyeliner brush,
Sponge eyeshadow applicator,
Brow comb+brush,
Mascara brush.
Angled brow brush, &
Flat definer brush

• This brush set includes all the basics you need for daily application.
• These professional brushes are assembled using the finest quality materials.
Made with 99% real animal hair! Professional quality brushes!
• With a fancy fashionable silver case.
• Very easy to handle.


  1. Really liked your review of these fabulous brushes! I may try them soon!

  2. Ew, animal hair. Nasty. They need to switch to synthetic.