Thursday, January 24, 2013

Poetry: Mystic Minute

Mystic Minute

Into the Mystic playin’ on the stereo
10,000 cigarettes and dirty brown amber ale
Turning heads she struts clip clomp, clip clomp
She thumps through unedited and bare

Defying gravity her body held tight
As she straddled the ladder-back
And stared with eyes that begged
But her face said ‘I got this, game over’

Oh- he was weak and this, his chance
But to be eager is to be desperate
So he continued to dry his pints
With each glass he bought courage

He could smell her and he remembered
September and her hair
She sat there like a lion
And he wanted her to pounce

But she wouldn’t- no, not yet
And there in that sweaty palmed
Heart-pounding silence with his
Head cocked and ears perked

He wouldn’t speak- no, not yet
And her lips pursed and so much
Tension, electronic juggling
In that moment, I live eternal

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