Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jemez Mountains 70's Style

We just got home from another wonderful trip up to Jenn and Damien's cabin in the Jemez. We even hiked up to the San Antonio Hot Springs, which is like my favorite place on the planet. I captured many images, but I will not allow myself to post them until I start pulling out my older shots. These are from the first trip we took out to their cabin, I got these on my way home, and as usual, I like to pretend I shot them with a Polaroid (which is sadly no longer producing instant photography) in 1974. Enjoy.

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Uno más, por favor amigo, mi hermosa bebé, Maggie.


  1. These are wonderful shots of a beautiful area of new Mexico. I love the lighting.

  2. You have an amazing eye when it comes to editing!

  3. Beautiful pictures, nice blog, good work.